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Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy S8
Excellent phone, beautiful aesthetics, and a taste of the future worth paying for: 9/10.


It's hard to choose your next phone because there are so many good options today, and potentially good phones coming later this year (2017). By now you've probably seen a million reviews on the S8, but it doesn't make the decision easier. Here's my suggestion, in two quick steps. Make sure none of the cons below are deal-breakers for you. Then, look over the list of unique advantages, and see if they get you excited enough to pay the hefty $750. If you're still here after that, then welcome to the club! Be sure to check out my final tips for maximizing your S8 experience.

1. Edge screen is beautiful, but annoying in two situations. It creates visual distortions a little (less than S7 Edge though). It is also difficult to hold the phone up in the air, face down (e.g. before sleep), as the phone is prone to accidentally registering side touches. A case remedies the latter problem, but I dislike putting a case on such a beautiful phone (see pro tip #1).
2. Samsung is not very good with software updates. If you take great pleasure from trying new Android in a timely manner, this isn't for you -- the only two options are iPhones and Pixels. That said, keep in mind that new software updates typically slow down the phone.
3. Fingerprint scanner location has been mentioned a gazillion times. Yes, I wish it was on the front. No, it really isn't that bad on an S8 (S8+ is a different story). You know, we have this thing called "muscle memory".. It took me two days to adjust to the new location, and now I have no problems. If you really hate it, try facial recognition or iris scanner, they're very good (see pro tip #8)
4. The phone has glass back that’s prone to cracking, so watch out if you’re clumsy. But see pro tip #1
5. S8 doesn’t have monster battery life, and it needs to be charged once a day. If you need to go past a day, look elsewhere.
6. Some are disappointed about a lack of dual-camera. Personally, the rear camera is wide enough that I am rarely in a situation where I feel the need for a wide-angle lens (like in LG). An optical zoom would have been nice (like in Iphone 7+), but not really an issue for me (see pro tip #6)

1. Futuristic aesthetics of a bezelless all-screen phone. This doesn’t really improve the functionality of the phone, but there’s just something satisfying about this futuristic experience.
2. The screen is just so damn beautiful, no contest here. Always-on display is useful.
3. As of today, it’s the only phone that checks ALL of my needs: Excellent rear camera, excellent front camera (reviewers too often ignore this), water proof, dust proof, wireless (fast) charging, full-day battery life, a headphone jack, a micro SD card slot, fingerprint scanner, and after using the S8, Bluetooth 5.0!
4. Bluetooth 5.0 is amazing. S8 is a first phone to come with this, and it’s awesome. I frequently use the ability to connect to two different speakers at once, for a surround-sound like experience in my room. You can also listen to the same music with your friend in a library, by connecting to two different headphones.
5. S8 is also the first phone to come with Gigabit LTE, which is nice for future-proofing the phone, but it doesn't quite help us yet.

1. Consider getting a tempered-glass screen protector (they’re better on S8 than on S7 Edge) and a Slickwraps/dbrand skin for the back. The skins make your phone look unique, improves grip, and it also helps cover up cracks if you’ve dropped your phone. Slickwraps frequently has discount promotions on their website, so watch out for that. Don’t use a case, enjoy the beautiful phone!
2. Bixby is useless, and if you’re like me, most “Smart” assistants are still generally not helpful and just raises privacy concerns. You can remap the Bixby button (as of April 2017): See
3. General Android tip: Go to Settings, Developer Options, set Window/Transition/Animator animation scales to x0.5 to speed things up (Google this if you don’t know what I mean)
4. General AMOLED tip: Take advantage of black wallpapers to save battery life
5. Set screen resolution up to QHD. In my experience it barely affects battery life in everyday use. Going HD will significantly improve battery life if you are a heavy gamer, or use CPU intensive apps a lot.
6. If you really miss dual-camera set-ups in other phones, consider getting a separate smartphone camera lens kit that sells for ~$20. They’re less convenient than a built-in dual lens, but on the upside they’re much more versatile and fun.
7. If you are still not convinced whether to buy S8, then wait. Most phones (except iPhones and Pixels) drop prices relatively quickly, and you may be able to snatch one up cheap refurbished in auction sites.
8. Contrary to some reviews, the facial recognition and the iris scanner are reliable and fast. In my experience, how you register your face/iris determines how effective it will be. If you wear glasses, register with glasses on. Also, register under medium lighting conditions and not in extreme conditions. You want the phone to be able to recognize you under different environments.
Gorgeous & futuristic phone, industry-leading screen, excellent and reliable (rear AND front) camera, full-day battery, water and dust proof, wireless (fast) charging, and Bluetooth 5.0! On the downside, it won't receive timely software updates, and fingerprint scanner location is a minor setback.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset Review

For the past 2 years I have owned the Beats earbuds (not wireless) and was very satisfied with the quality with the exception of the fact that the buds always fell out when I was running. About a month ago, my Beats broke and after inquiring with their customer service, they told me I would have to pay $60 to get a pair of $100 headphones fixed, which I felt was absolutely ridiculous. After getting an Amazon gift card for Christmas, I decided not to spend the $200 on a pair of the wireless Beats and instead opted for the Xiaomi wireless earbuds instead. I am extremely happy with my decision! Not only did I save $160, but the Xiaomi headphones have good sound quality and I am very pleased with how long the battery lasts. I charged my headphones the first day I received them, and it's been a week using them almost everyday and there's still 60% battery life left on them. In addition, the headphones look great on the ear and are very light compared to some other wireless headphones I have tried in the past which is especially useful when I am doing strength training that involves a lot of up and down movements.
  • COMFORTABLE and SECURE FIT: With Ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks, Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones are secure behind your ears and rest comfortably in the ear canal. Premium soft smooth silicone gel surface helps sweat proof. It is great for Gym, Running, Jogging, Hiking, Cycling, and impact Sports.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND and AMAZING VOLUME: With Advanced APTX tech, our in-ear design offers incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble, no matter your taste in music. Works great for soundtracks, audio books, relaxing sounds, and even techno music.
  • NOISE REDUCTION: With CVC 6.0 technology, the Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Earbuds reduce background noise, so you can focus on your favorite music, no matter where you are.
  • BLUETOOTH V4.1 and UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY: We give you the power of Bluetooth V4.1 technology for seamless syncing to your favorite wireless devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, and more up to 10 meters 33 feet.
  • HOURS OF LISTENING TIME and VOICE PROMPT: Magicbuds Bluetooth Headset can deliver up to 7 hours(MAX) of play time on a full charge. Voice prompt allows notification of incoming calls and phone numbers, so never miss a phone call.
These cost a bit more than some others on Amazon. However, the sayi\ng is true "You get what you pay for."
Over-the-ear hooks: There are a lot of Bluetooth earbuds available on Amazon that sound great, but don’t always stay in your ear while you’re running or working out. The over-the-ear hooks on these earbuds solve that issue. I did a quick test by running in place, doing jumping jacks, and doing push-ups, and the earbuds stayed in my ear without an issue.
Sound quality: The sound or these earbuds is great! When sealed into my ear canal, I get a good bass response and the music quality is very good. At higher volumes I did notice some bass distortion, but still very good sound quality overall.
Controls: There is no remote to flop around and hit your face. The controls are built-in to the earbuds. They are fairly easy to find and use while running, and make it easy to skip, rewind, and adjust the volume.
Design: The black and red design of these earbuds may remind you of a certain other, well-known brand. But at a fraction of the cost.
Built-in mic: If you receive an incoming call while using these earbuds, you can answer it thanks to the built-in microphone.Bluetooth 4.1: In additional to improved sound quality, Bluetooth 4.1 also has improved battery life for both your phone and the earbuds (as long as your phone is Bluetooth 4.1 compatible as well).
Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Headset

It is a positve negative. I am reffering to their Noise Cancelling: Please note that these earbuds do a GREAT job of blocking out the noises around you. Thus, it is important to use caution if running near traffic or crowded areas and very important when driving or riding a bike.
I strongly reccomend to only use ONE EAR BUDa in these situations. You will still get quality phone calls and music at the same time it will provide the ability for you to be alert for outside sounds that you would hear if you are not wearing a headset.
Overall, I like the design and sound quality of these earbuds. I also like the secure fit that keeps these in place during my workout.
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3 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8+

Power your phone and show off your style. There's a whole range of cases and accessories made just for Galaxy S8+.

1. Defender Shockproof Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Our premium-grade Galaxy S8 Case is lightweight, slim and ensures that your smartphone still fits comfortably in your pocket, purse or bag
  • PREMIUM PROTECTION: Your S8 is not just your lifeline to the outside world, it's an investment. Protect it with our shock resistant, scratch resistant Galaxy S8 hard back case
  • HIGH-QUALITY TPU: Featuring premium TPU, our phone case truly gives you the flexibility and mobility you need in a heavy duty case
  • ACCESSIBLE FEATURES: We've designed our Galaxy S8 case to give you uninterrupted access to your front and rear-facing cameras, volume buttons, and headphone port for easy access
Just got it in today, and the case feels great. It's very snug, has a good grip, and feels solid. Comes with two tempered glass screen protectors, though I haven't applied them (screen protectors generally ruin the glide feel on a touchscreen for me). Was skeptical since I'd never heard of the company before and saw no reviews on the product but am very pleased with how it turned out. Originally intended to get a Tech21 case but all the models they have for this phone are rather ugly. The design on the back of this adds a nifty effect as though the gold back is crystalized like rock candy. Haven't dropped the phone yet, so will update if that happens. But otherwise, would greatly recommend! Update: Decided to put the screen protector on. Glides really nicely, doesn't impede my swiping at all like most screen protectors I've used. Only quirk is that the screen protector doesn't cover the entire screen; there's about two hairs' width that isn't covered on the left and right sides. But the application kit was very handy, with alcohol wipes, microfiber, and a dust collector. Applied very easily, doesn't look likely to come off easily compared to the InvisibleShield screen protector (which ripped off my old iPhone the first time I pulled it out of my pocket).

2. Slim Leather Case Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • VIEW FROM ANY ANGLE - The series wallet case can switched to a horizontal position and act as a firm stand; perfect for entertainment or streaming. Watching a movie or video on your Galaxy S8+ will be easier with this cover case
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - Full protection. Precise cutouts for speakers, earpiece, camera and other functional ports allow to access to all ports and functions easily, without removing the case
This is a lovely case. It's hard to find a genuine leather case in less than $50! It comes in wonderful packaging and smells like new leather right out of the box. The camera cut out is perfect. The magnetic closure works pretty well. If you would like for something that will stay closed I would go with the other case that buttons or closes more securely. You can put cards in this case. They fit fine and they don't slip out.
However, if you put cards it's pretty noticeable. But like I said, for the quality I would definitely recommend and even purchase the case again. As a woman I have to carry a purse/wallet most days. So I'm not as bothered by not putting cards in my phone case. I've had the case for about a month now and the wear on it is great. The leather has only gotten softer. I ordered the black because most of my purses and handbags are either black or white.

3. England Series Leather Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • One-piece soft case consists of leather and flexible TPU, two materials synthesis; Premium leather on the back and shock absorbent TPU inside
  • Exact-fit, slim profile does not add any bulk to your device without sacrificing protection, slim-fit soft body just enough to protect and nothing more; Offers good grip and comfort with its leather outside finish
  • Raised lip lift screen off flat surfaces to avoid scratches; Camera cutout is deep to protect camera from scratching or touching the ground
  • Precise cutting and enlarged ports fit most cables; Easy to press to all buttons with responsive button cover; Easily to install and remove, without damaging or scratching the phone body
I got the color black which looks really nice. Doesn't look overly fake. I've seen the brown one before, and it looks nice apart from the mixture of black with it, makes the leather look a bit faker. Case easily installs onto iPhone. People comment it seems loose, and while it does feel that way, I haven't ever had the S8+ slip out of it. The case does recess the screen just a bit, so if you drop it on the ground you're not getting direct impact on glass. I bought the Spigen S8+ glass screen protector, and there's still a lip with this case. That being said, this case won't match a Speck Candyshell or an Otterbox. I've had a good rap sheet with my past smartphones, so I elect for smaller profile cases, especially when you're dealing with a bigger phone like the S8+. The case is more or less just so I have something grippier to hold onto, since cell phones are super slippery without a case.

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Best Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Ever want to try playing around with drones but are put off by their large sizes and hefty price tags? Worry not – the CX-10W is the perfect entry device for the budding drone pilot!

Good Things Come in Small Packages

CX-10W is a drone that keeps things as small – and affordable – as possible. You get a tiny drone that's only 62x62x25mm and weighs a mere 17 grams. It's so small you could literally place the RC Quadcopter in your palms and curl your fingers around the entire unit. Yet despite its miniature size, the CX-10W is one mini drone that is much cheaper compared to its larger, bulkier cousins. You just pair it to your Android or iOS smartphone – further reducing the costs on your end.

A Fun Gift or a Reliable Scout

The small size coupled with the affordable price of the CX-10W makes it a very attractive option for first-time drone owners. It's small enough to be carried around and affordable enough to experiment with without having to worry too much about breaking a valuable piece of equipment. Its six-axis gyroscope helps boost the stability of the quadcopter, making it a fun and easy-to-handle toy for both adults and children alike to enjoy!
The CX-10W, however, can also prove to be a pretty useful device in the right situations. The 0.3-megapixel camera it comes with is no slouch; capable of delivering some nice footage to the user handling the controls with its FPV. While the drone works anywhere between 15 to 30 meters away, its small size lets the user peer into tight confines a person won't be able to squeeze through. The CX-10W can also fly straight up and significantly increase the user's sight range – perfect for the tech-savvy outdoorsman. Couple this with its extremely small size, and you have a pretty useful device for a variety of applications.
A low price tag, an easy-to-handle package, compatibility with a wide range of smartphones - all these make the CX-10W an extremely versatile quadcopter for fun or for work!
Key Features...
  • 720p-compatible 0.3MP Camera
  • Six-axis Gyroscope for Extra Added Stability
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Control That Works with Android and iOS
  • Tiny 17-Gram Drone That Can Fit in Your Bag or Purse
CX-10W Mini Camera Drone
 This was SUCH a hit with my 50 year old, Norwegian bachelor farmer brother-in-law. It is simple enough to be operated by a fairly non-techy sort of person, and after a learning curve, is great fun to fly. My brother in law was able to take some pretty detailed video of first the living room (including individual thread colors in the carpet when it landed--pretty amazing detail) to a fairly impressive aerial shot of the property and sort of panoramic shots around the yard. He is hoping to get good enough at flying it to be able to check out the roof on the barn, see how the crops are doing, etc., and I believe he will get there. My six year old nephew was eager to try it, and with some help was able to fly it fairly well.
I do have to say, this thing is TINY as in, it sits in the palm of your hand!! I didn't realize when I ordered it, that it was so tiny, so my heart sank a little when we opened it. But when he downloaded the app and started flying it, I was really quite impressed with its quality for the price! The video shots in particular are truly as good as the ones he takes on his cell phone, and I love that no extra SD card or cumbersome USB is required. This little drone obviously can't compete with the pricier models and bigger models, but for basic use, it really can't be beat. Because of its tiny size, it is pretty sensitive to slight changes in navigation, and I was reminded of my (professor emeritus) dad trying to teach me to drive a stick-shift, and uncharacteristically hysterically screaming "GRADUAL ADJUSTMENTS!! INCREMENTAL CHANGES!!!", which you want to employ here.
I did receive this nifty little drone at a discount in exchange for taking the time to write an objective review. I take my reviews seriously and will only provide accurate and honest feedback; I still have to pay for the items I receive and review, and I do test things and consider them from the same standpoint as you do. I am not connected to this company (nor any of the companies of products that I review) in any way. Sometimes I review a product and recommend it, but I also write reviews where I don't recommend a product--a discount for the purchase is by no means a bribe or incentive towards a "good" review for me (as you can see by some of my other reviews). It truly depends on the item and its quality and usefulness to me personally. I rely heavily on reviews written by others to guide me towards the correct purchases for me and my family, therefore I write my reviews with the same eye for those details for you as well.
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yellow Sticky Traps for White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Leaf Miners, Black Flies, Thrips

These are so much better than those annoying spiral ones that you hang and then you cuss alot when you get caught in them. I have actually put one of these up in my kitchen only removing one side of the sticky and putting on my wall with a thumb tack. It has work well to catch the occasional nasty gnat that likes to fly around while I am trying to cook. I also put some outside near the door on our back patio. They have caught an abundance of insects, keeping them from coming in the house and also from "bugging" us while we try to enjoy the evenings. I place one near a light and another nearer to the ground by the door. They are dual sided if you wanted to hang from a tree or something outside but I have only used one side of mine. They are fairly big so they catch a lot before they need changed:) These things are great and with 20 to a pack they should last a couple of summers! I am very happy with this product and would recommend.
  • Specially designed for flying plant pests that like yellow color and easily trap them.
  • Made of Non-toxic material, controlling pests in a more ECO friendly and economical way.
  • Great for capturing aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, black flies, midges.
  • Dimension: 6*8 inches; Pack of 20 pcs; Wire ties included.
  • KINDLY NOTE - This product is for trapping flying plant insect only, good for outdoor plant or houseplant, but not applicable for other home pest in house / kitchen / garage like fruit flies, mosquitos and bugs.
I had fungus gnats infestation and these yellow sticky trap saved my little garden! I learned my lesson now and know that there is no quick fix for this issue. But you can be strategic when it comes to gnats as you need to separate your focus on the adult gnats and their eggs. First, do not over water your garden as gnats love and lay their eggs in wet soil. Second, use these sticky traps in the areas that are crowded with adult gnats (in my case they were flying in their weird way above my plants). Third, add hydrogen peroxide to the water when you are watering your infested plants as fungus gnat larvae will die on contact with the hydrogen peroxide. Fourth, sit back and let the adult gnats get trapped by the stickies (thus, they wont be able to fly and lay more eggs) and the baby ones to die in dehydration (with watering less) and on contact with hydrogen peroxide. This is by far the cheapest and most healthy (organic) why I was able to get rid of my fungus gnats infestation. Thanks for reading my review and I hope it has helped you in some way :);
Easy to handle and count insects without getting sticky. These yellow sticky traps attract a broad spectrum of flying insects, including: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, and moths. Long lasting traps are weatherproof, and come with a wire twist to easily hang on plants or branches.
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Humane Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap

Bought this to catch a little mouse that's taken up residence in our garage. Didn't even know he was THERE until I put a plant that needed repotting out in the garage for a day till I could get around to repotting it. The next day, my plant was GONE (eaten) and there was dirt on the floor from the animal's digging.
What to do? NO WAY am I going to set a conventional mousetrap and kill a mouse and then empty the trap. Nope. Not happening.
I remembered seeing these at & ordered it. Set the trap the day after I got it & CAUGHT the little guy within about 4 hours of setting it (I checked the trap hourly; used 2 kibbles of dry cat food for bait).
He was pretty nervous, so I covered the trap with a paper towel while I carried him out to a hedgerow, where I set him free (instructions said to minimize human contact so as to not stress the animal--I agree). Having read another reviewer's experience of a frightened mouse running up their arm, I planned ahead & put the trap in the hedgerow, on the ground, pointed so that no matter which direction he ran, it wouldn't be toward me. Then I just took off the paper towel & pressed down on the main trigger so both doors opened simultaneously. My little guy cautiously poked his nose out of the trap, took a couple of sniffs of air, & bolted like a shot.
Trap quality is excellent and it's very easy to set, once you get the "hang" of it. Just press down on the main trigger arm, make sure your 2 locking arms for the doors are positioned at the tops of the doors, bait the pivoting bait bar inside, then position the "baiting bar" over your "main trigger" bars. Easier than it sounds; you'll get printed instructions & photos in the box.
Highly recommended! And it will make you feel good to use a compassionate solution to your mouse problem.
  • Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life and galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Mesh openings help prevent escapes and stolen bait. Trigger rod is located outside of the trap so animal cannot damage it while in the trap
  • Two gravity-action doors allow an animal to enter from either direction; sensitive trigger ensures quick, secure capture
  • Solid door and handle guard protect the user during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals
  • Ideal for catching: mice, shrews, and similar-size nuisance animals
Have a question? Leave a comment & I'll be happy to help you if I can.
UPDATE 9/22/15 Evening: Uh-oh. On a lark, I re-set the trap this afternoon. Just checked it 10 minutes ago. I caught ANOTHER one (smaller). Let her go & set the trap AGAIN. How many might we have? We'll see...
UPDATED UPDATE 9/24/16: OK. I did not know we had mice in the garage. Thanks to this trap, I've caught and released FOUR (Mama, Papa, & 2 cute babies). The trap's been set all day today & no takers, so maybe that was the extent of the family. I've learned one other tip: set the trap during the DAY so you can release during DAYLIGHT. Unless you don't mind setting mice free IN THE DARK. Personally, I can't bear to leave them caged once I've caught them, so I like to release as soon as they're caught. GREAT SYSTEM; most highly recommended for its utility and ease of use!
UPDATE #3 2/16/17: GUESS WHAT? Mice can run LOTS faster than humans can walk. I'd re-set the trap yesterday afternoon & didn't catch anything. Till 10:30 at NIGHT. Remember my advice about not setting the trap after dark? I didn't (remember). I should have sprung the trap at dark. But I didn't. So when I did one last check of the trap last night---SURPRISE!---I caught another one! And since it was late and very dark, I decided to just let him go in the front yard. Oops. He ran through the yard, down the driveway, and back into the garage before I could walk even 5 paces. Learn from me : ) DON'T DO THAT. Because, now I have to deal with a EDUCATED MOUSE. One who, having returned to the garage, now realizes the trap is a TRAP. I may have to upgrade my bait; time will tell : )
I still most highly recommend this mouse trap--it works!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Best Vehicle Car Mount Holder Phone Cradle for Smartphone

The Car mount, smartphone charger and holder has a silicone base to allow for stability and no slippages of the holder. You can charge your phone on the go, while using it for navigation or hands free calling. The holder is adjustable to fit all sizes of cell phones and is flexible for conformity to most car dashes. The holder base provides stability to be able to touch the cell phone screen without excess movement.
  • The silicone backing of the rubberized car mount holds your phone firmly in place
  • Allows for phones to be used for navigation or dialing without excess motion
  • Convenient magnetic charging port with super fast micro USB 2 in 1 cable.
  • Charge your phone easily and quickly while traveling
  • The charger is magnetically held in place and moves for tangle free cords,Adjustable for all cell phones sizes and car dash styles
I have tried various designs of vehicle phone holders from ones that attach to an AC vent to others that make use of a suction cup that secures it to the windshield. My favorite and most convenient phone holders so far are the ones that I can quickly place my phone on without fumbling with them too much in order to get them to securely hold the phone. This Remax silicone dash pad phone holder is now one of my favorites because I can start up a GPS map app and then in a matter of seconds place the phone between the cradle legs and be confident that my phone won't going flying off somewhere in the car when driving. Something to take note is that the cradle legs may not secure a phone in a thick case. The space that fits the phone is only 3/8 in / 10 mm wide but will stretch somewhat because it is made of soft rubber. I'm mentioning this because it is an important thing to consider before purchasing this item.
The greatest feature of this holder that it doesn't need any sticky adhesives to stay secure on the dashboard which may ruin the finish. Since the holder dash pad is made of silicone rubber that has a glossy smooth finish on the bottom, it has a tenacious grip on most surfaces which includes most dashboards. I say most because some dashboards have certain finishes and textures that may not allow the holder to grip as well as it should and then others sometimes have features such as a section that has compartment that can hold items that would prevent this holder from resting on the dashboard surface properly. I have one such vehicle like that so this holder didn't work as well on the dashboard in that vehicle but it worked well in my remaining vehicles.
The one standout feature of this holder beside the non-adhesive silicone grip is the magnetic charging cable. This feature is ingenious because it allows for you to easily remove the phone from the holder and use the phone without the cable exerting stress on the phone charging port when handling it or having to unnecessarily disconnect or reconnect the cable for whatever reason. However, it isn't without faults because the magnetic end wasn't designed as well on it should have been. The magnetic button is magnetized to a three pin pad on the dash pad that supplies the electric connection when contacted to each other. The magnet is supposed to keep it secure but it isn't as strong as it should be because at times it will disconnect and reconnect during the course of driving. This tends to happen when driving on rough roads such as pothole laden and other poorly maintained roads. Thankfully, the magnet on my holder seems somewhat more strong than some other reviewers of this product because for the most part the magnetic button does stay connected with little problem.
The charging end includes an Apple Lightning and Micro-B USB plugs. One plug that is missing and I feel should have been included is a USB type-c plug. Since this holder is a newly released product and USB type-c is starting to replace the old Micro-B USB type plugs on more and more newly released mobile devices in the market, why it wasn't included is perplexing because it would of future proofed this product in the coming years when USB type-c eventually completely replaces Micro-B USB.
Lastly, I like the matte black color because it doesn't standout in comparison to the dashboard with exception of the matte red logo that shows up more readily on the windshield because of the brighter color but not by any means enough to distract from driving because of the small size. If you have a phone or phone in a case with a bright color then that won't really matter anyways.
Overall I really like this phone holder because it is convenient to use compared to some other phone holders. The design is unique and innovative but it does need some improvement as per the reasons stated above.
Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I always strive to rate a product according to the rating it actually deserves. Look at my prior reviews and you will see I've rated a product positively or negatively based on the usage, construction, value, etc. regardless if I've received it at a discount or free to review. I like you depend on the feedback on reviews from customers such as yourself in order to make a decision if a product is worth it to buy or not.
If you've found my review helpful in any way please click the Yes button next to Was this review helpful to you? and feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions regarding this product and I'll try to answer it as best as possible.
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